Put your risk team in control

Create and deploy new rules, all in no code.


Group rules in scenarios by geographies, instruments and more…

Output a decision, a score and all execution details

Manage versions and ensure 4-eye approval before any deployment

Rule Builder

Create complex rules with a simple interface, no coding involved

Work fast with a powerful autocomplete

Browse our rule bank to build your starter pack


Make peer and history trend comparisons in your rules to flag anomalies

Use all common aggregates, calculated in real time as the scenario runs

All in self-service, no SQL knowledge required


Create custom lists of any field types, common to all of your rules

Make updates from the interface or through our API

Track all changes and manage version deployments


Run your scenarios on past production data

Compare performances between versions, rule by rule

Check that changes made have the desired effects before deployments

Realtime or batch

Ask for a decision using our API and get synchronous answers in real time

Schedule batch reviews of accounts and entities

Audit Trail

Record every scenario results and the details that led to the score and decision

Track all critical modifications

Logs are unalterable and searchable

Data Ingestion

Feed Marble with any data you’ll need for your rules

Decide how fresh it should be using our rest API

Leverage our data model, designed by risk analysts for risk analysts

Case manager

Investigate and prioritize alerts

Create custom workflows with team restricted inboxes

Create and affect tags to track specific cases and generate custom reports