One rule engine for all your fraud and AML needs


Increase customer satisfaction by justifying frictions with qualitative information

Efficiently deploy a complete AML framework for account and user activities

Reduce fraud costs, protect yourself and your customers from account takeover, card abuseā€¦

Roll-out new payment rails and geographies effortlessly


Cover both partner and end-user risks

Group rules by partner activity or geography, use white lists for trusted partners

Add new payment rails, geographies or verticals with minimal effort

Forward alerts and their details to agents in real time


Deploy an efficient anti money laundering framework

Fight fraud and chargebacks by leveraging all data, not just transactions

Comply with PSD2 & 3 and optimize conversion by asking for frictionless authentification while keeping your fraud rates down

Automate alert management within your system


Monitor vendor and customer behavior

Set specific alerts for high risk products

Link your payment flows to Marble's to block fraud in real-time


Cross check transactions using buyers and merchant history aggregates

Manage risk along any vertical: partners, client segments, product types

Discover money laundering patterns in your loan repayments

Automate customer blacklisting and alert management within your system

Built with regulators in mind

Banking grade audit trail

Built and hosted in the EU

EBA subcontractor framework compliant

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