Next Generation Decision Engine for Fraud and Compliance

Marble enables fintechs and financial institutions to monitor transactions and user activity in real time
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Put your risk teams in control

  • Build rules from scratch or from our templates library without relying on engineers.
  • Backtest and approve any rule change before launching into production to reduce false positives.

Get clarity
over your rules

  • Backtest any rule change before launching into production to reduce false positives.
  • Get in-depth analytics on your rule performance and detect new risk patterns.

Built for financial institutions

  • Generate fraud and AML reports for your risk committees and for regulators.
  • Banking grade audit trail, decision explainability, and version management.

Risk management
should not be a bottleneck

Evolutive rule engine

Faster launch time for new products, new countries, new users

Fewer false positives

Less friction for legitimate

More automation

Better performance and
more efficient teams

About Marble

What is Marble?

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Marble is a decision engine designed specifically for Fintechs and Financial Institutions. We help them use all their data (transactions, events, activity… ) to detect suspicious behaviors in real time. Our solution is tailored for operations teams so that they can easily create risk scenarios.
We simplify your risk management so that you can focus on what matters: growing and scaling your company.

Do you use artificial intelligence?

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Artificial Intelligence solutions are often called “blackbox” and are opaque by design.
Marble has taken the opposite stance and has been designed around two key principles: transparency and explainability. What this means is that every time a decision is taken to approve, decline or manually review a transaction, you will be able to trace back the rules that the transaction has been subjected to and the individual results of each rule.

Can I use my own rules and scoring?

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Marble lets you configure your own ruleset and get full visibility into your risk decisions. Whether you want to import your existing risk scenarios, build new rules from scratch or take inspiration from our templates is up to you. In any case, our team of experts will be supporting you during set up and giving you recommendations along the way.

Who are your customers?

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Marble is tailored for Fintechs and Financial Institutions of all sizes, and more. Anyone holding or moving money could benefit from our decision engine, including Marketplaces, Crypto exchanges and BaaS.
Our team has experience in the financial sector and our solution has been designed with the specific challenges of the industry in mind.

Can you ensure my data is secure?

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Our solution is 100% compliant and secure. We offer best in class security practices, GDPR compliance and EU-located servers.