Compliant for financial service operators

Financial Regulation

Marble provides regulated entities with contracts that comply with EBA and ACPR essential providers guidelines

Marble’s subcontractors’ contracts comply with EBA and ACPR outsourcing guidelines

Marble is fully committed to the application of DORA regulation

Personal Data

Natively GDPR compliant, all data are stored in mainland EU

Client data are each stored on seperate databases, with no re-use rights

Marble is commited to avoiding discriminations based on sensitive data within financial services

Cyber Security

Hosting solution certifications: ISO/IEC 27001, 27017, 27018 and 9001, SOC 1, 2, and 3, CSA STAR CCM v3.0.1

All user data are encrypted during transport and at rest, with AES 256

The team undergoes regular security training

Ongoing SOC 2 certification


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